Virtual Route

Route for SRC patient participants only is as follows:

  • Walkers – Walk around Drella’s Dream Circle nine (9) complete times – equivalent to half a mile.

  • Pushers/Wheelchair participants – Push around Drella’s Dream Circle six (6) complete times – equivalent to one third of a mile.

Persons will be allowed to race on the circle in groups of 5 at time, staggered to maintain social distancing. All persons will be timed. Persons with the best times (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in each category will be awarded a medal.

Route for community and non-SRC patient participants is as follows:

  • Walkers – any 3-mile route of choice
  • Pushers/Wheelchair participants – any route of choice no less than one third of a mile or 1800 feet
  • Runners – any 5-mile route of choice